We invite you to the Green Aviation Congress because we believe that:

  • Aviation has a large potential of been driven with a green/sustainable approach
  • Efficient Aircrafts with efficient shapes are key drivers for the mobility of the future
  • Flying can be more green than land driven mobility
  • We need a strong green aviation strategy
  • We need combined mobility systems (new mobility concepts)

The „Green-aviation-Congress.com“ is the leading congress for the future of green flying.

It combines Think Tank and conference on one -full packed- day.
We show the stepos and options why Green Aviation is the future of mobility.

Experience excellent speakers and experts and workshops that get a grip on the new business of green aviation.
It gives good overviews about regulations and challenges concerning green flying, and deep insights about new technologies and disruptive mobility concepts.

Find answers for your main questions, like:

What are the main key drivers for success and the biggest obstacles?

What are the leading solutions in the following cases:

  • Materials and supply chain
  • New energy (Battery, H2….)
  • Battery Supply – Organisation and certification of Batteries
  • Co2 Neutral possibilities
  • Certification issues
  • Urban Air Traffic Management
  • E-VTOLS and new disruptive concepts
  • Efficient platforms with less consumption
  • Collaboration between different European Regions


The FLUGRAUM4 Congress Hangar location on the Airport Kindel in Eisenach.
It will transform itself from an Airport to a new green mobility center, combining H2, new efficient flying aircrafts and new energies.



€ 600,00
  • per Person including Catering


€ 800,00
  • including the H2 Conference


You are interested to take part in the conference.
You have something to say about the topics above, or in other cases?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


If you decide to be a sponsor to this first International Green Aviation Congress feel free to contact us.
There are some spaces left for Gold/ Platin Sponsors.


The Conference can help you meet some special person. In addition, you can open your knowledge and contribute your ideas in this conference.